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My Mom Self-Care Routine

Practical Mom Self-Care Routine Ideas that I'm using right now

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As a mom, it can be challenging to find time for yourself amidst the chaos of daily life. However, taking care of yourself is essential for your mental and physical well-being. Here are some simple self-care routines that busy moms can incorporate into their daily lives to prioritize their own needs.

My Spring Self-Care Routine

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have a super consistent mom self-care routine. But I need you to know this: I practice self care daily. What do I mean? I don’t have a strict schedule I follow, but self-care is a daily habit for me. It took me far too long to realize this, but routines always set me up for failure. So I ditched them.

You see, routines are rigid. They don’t acknowledge of the unpredictability of life, which we know is a constant in a busy mom’s life. And let’s not forget, it takes at least 30 days of doing something before it becomes a habit. So rather than focusing on an unsustainable sequence of practices, I choose to focus on what I value + build upon them within my capacity.

Let’s get clear on self-care

I’ve seen a lot of debate lately on what it means to practice self-care. Some feel it’s only those big-ticket splurges like massages + yoga retreats. Others consider washing their hair a part of self-care. I’m taking the stand that I don’t care how you do it, but you need to be caring for your body + soul on a daily basis.

Making everyone + everything else in your life a greater priority is depleting of your energy, bandwidth + spirit–the very things you rely upon to get through each day. So while it’s easy to sell yourself on the idea of ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘I just need to get this done first’, I want you to remember that delaying your own self-care impacts your efficiency + effectiveness in all other areas of your life.

If you’re feeling like you need to focus on shifting your mindset around self-care, you should check out this post I did that comes with a great download to help!

My favorite Mom self-care practices right now

The days have been very short lately with some childcare + life changes. When all is said + done, I have a lot less time for my self-care than I’m accustomed. Again, I believe that life has a flow that changes with time. Right now I’m in a season of having less time for myself. But not just myself. I have less time for everything in my life, so it’s proportionate. It doesn’t mean I need to abandon my self-care, it’s just less right now.

You’ll also notice that everything in my practices right now have a focus on my energy + ability to keep moving forward. In seasons when I have extra time you’ll see that things like meditation or consistent workouts tend to dominate my list. I’ve found that successful self-care is responsive to your present needs, adjusting your habits is essential.

A hot shower

I usually take a bath once a week. A proper soak to sweat out all the toxins. But it’s just not in the cards right now. If I can’t sneak it in before the kids get up, I’ll sometimes throw them in the tub so they can play under my watch while I get a few minutes to myself.


Twice a month, I head to my acupuncturist’s office for some extended self care. Appointments run anywhere from 30-50 minutes. Honestly, this is a practice I incorporated into my routine about a year ago + I constantly regret the years I wasted putting it off. I initially went for PMDD treatment but we now layer in other concerns like general stress, eczema + digestion. I seriously can’t let a month go by without treatment. It has been life-changing in balancing my busy life with my body’s needs, it’s definitely worth the investment!

An afternoon pick-me-up

By mid-afternoon, I’m beat. It doesn’t come naturally to me, but if I keep it top of mind, taking the time for an afternoon pick-me-up is the best for me. That may mean an oat-milk matcha latte, steeped tea or Nootropic chocolates. I think the combo of light caffeine + something enjoyable for myself really helps me going when I want to slow down.

Human connection

Self-care doesn’t always have to be alone time. Spending time with people you love is nourishing. I love setting aside time to focus on playing with the kids, hanging out with Jason, or catching up with my friends. It’s easy to fit into my day without it feeling like it’s something extra that I have to add to my list.

A healthy breakfast

In the morning, the last thing I’ve had time for is to make a super nutritious breakfast from scratch. So for this mom’s self-care routine, there’s almost always Daily Harvest smoothie cup involved. It’s whole, organic ingredients that you blend with your liquid of choice + they taste so dang good. It really helps to know that even though it’s convenient, it is still really healthy! If you want to save $25 off your first order, just use the promo code RE-9754SAD!

Making the change to your own mom self-care routine.

If you struggle to give yourself even 5 minutes a day to do something simple for yourself, let’s start there. You deserve to be nourished, whole + rested. It begins with the small commitment of 5 minutes out of 720 minutes each day. This is where you start to observe the way it improves your outlook + how you build momentum. Most importantly of all, it’s where you begin to say yes to yourself + slowly become comfortable with making your self-care a greater priority in your life.

I encourage you to sit in stillness sometime today. See how it feels. Listen to your body. You are intuitive + will slowly begin to see what you need to do next in your self-care practices. Enjoy the journey + the opportunity to say yes to yourself once again.

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Mom life is complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated.