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Mom life is complex, 
but it doesn't have to be complicated.



You know that mom life is supposed to be more than leggings, endless cups of coffee + counting down the minutes til the next nap time.  (Yeah, I see that mom bun.)

These days of neverending laundry, snack-making + tantrum-managing are exhausting. Maybe you've resigned yourself to this as your reality for the coming years. Maybe you've search Pinterest for quick fixes but they're either impractical or confusing. But the truth is, you don't have the capacity right now to research, test + stay motivated.

That's where I come in.  

Are you doing everything to balance
mom / spouse / friend / home / work  life  — And still feel like you’re missing the mark?


Mom life comes with more challenges than anyone could ever expect—my goal? Make it easy. Because you’re an overworked mom who has more to-do’s than hours in a day.  

I work alongside moms to make life with kids less complicated + more enjoyable— eliminating that nagging sense of obligation to be responsible for everything + everyone all the time (because you’d need like 10 clones to actually pull that off.)

[And, while I can’t make all your problems disappear, I can definitely help you make them less overwhelming + more figure-out-able.] 

“I’m blown away by Erin’s problem solving. She makes it feel like no problem is too big or too hard.”  — Jen, Mom of 3

PARENTING | growth | productivity | BALANCE

I'm a mom strategist who teaches busy millennial moms like you how to reclaim their time + energy–without the guilt. As a mama + teacher, I know firsthand just how hard it is to try + balance it all on your own when you have little ones who depend on you for so much. 

I’ve supported hundreds of families over the course of my 15 years in the classroom. And in that time, I’ve become the go-to source for colleagues + parents alike when they need a plan that isn’t just effective but also flexible enough to respond to needs as they arise (because we all know just how unpredictable life can be).

And now I use this same approach today to provide uncomplicated, realistic strategies that help overwhelmed moms balance their time + priorities with clarity so they can feel confident + centered as they find their stride in life with kids.

True story: Life with kids is what I do–as a mom and for my day job. 

 I'm erin — 

To help you find your center + be at ease in motherhood through practical resources made with your busy life in mind.


No matter where you're at in your motherhood journey, I want you to know that I see you. 

I see you showing up for your family every day.  I see your willingness to do everything for them.  And I see how hard it is

You're here for a reason.  This is where you find your momentum. 

This is your opportunity for an easier way. 

Here's your chance to feel like yourself again .


Head over to the Services page to choose the resource that hits in all the right places. From on-demand workshops, to consistent support inside the membership or even 1:1 coaching solutions, there’s guaranteed to be something to fit your learning style +  needs. 

1 | See What's Possible

Make Mom Life Easier —in 3 Simple StepS

Your time is precious so all of my products + services are broken into small, actionable steps that can be taken in as little as 5 minutes.  And private access to your digital resources mean you can learn in the carpool lane, while you fold laundry or during your lunch break at work.

2 | Learn Your Way

It’s time to take action + see how the pieces fall into place as you begin to try out your new strategies. Have questions? No worries. Every product + service comes with direct support from me so you never have to worry about troubleshooting alone.

3 | Have Peace of Mind

"Erin's experience + knowledge are invaluable! She is such a great resource for all moms + has such amazing advice--always giving small, actionable steps that are actually attainable."

—Tierney, mom of 3

Mom Life...
As Erin Knows It

[because WE LIKE things personal around here]

1 | Number of kids:


3 | Mom Must-haves:

4 | Starbucks order:

5 | nap or shower:

6 | Mom SuperPower:


27 years old

airPods, a great babysitter + a sound machine

a grande, 2-pump flat white

showers are my lifeline!

stuck zipper?  shoelaces won't stay tied?  I'm your mom.

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LET'S GET YOU what you need—

Bringing structure to the busyness of mom life is no easy task. But it's ultimately what will help you to thrive. The Routine Refresh is the perfect way to get personalized support in doing just that!



Feeling stuck in mom life? The Mom Life Reset is a short audio course that takes you from feeling stuck in mom mode, to confident + at ease because you finally have an approach to mom life that is sustainable. 



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Short on Time?


If you feel like there's never enough time in your day, this guide is for you.  I'm here to cut the stress + help you get more done in less time.   Grab my free guide where I share my top 5 productivity secrets that make getting through my to-do list so much easier.