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My Predictions for Mom Trends in 2023

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Do you know which mom trends should be on your radar in 2023? Do they even matter? While I don’t know that it’s imperative you have your finger on the pulse of mom trends, I do think it’ll help you narrow your focus on the things that can have the most meaningful impact on you this year. So let’s run through 5 trends I think every mom should be aware of in 2023 so that you can be on the lookout for them + see how they fit into your life this year.

Honest Conversation

With increasing news coverage on topics of unpaid labor + the mental load of women (more on that later), you’re hard-pressed to let a day or two go by without hearing about just how real the struggles of motherhood are. On Instagram + TikTok, videos abound, highlighting the frustrations of moms everywhere. PureWow even called 2023 the beginning of the ‘Villian Era’ for moms—a time when we finally start communicating our needs + advocating for ourselves.

I don’t think this is a rally cry for all disgruntled moms to unite, but I do think we are coming into an age where we are more comfortable having real conversations about just how lonely, challenging + exhausting mom life can be. And to take it a step further, I believe there are incredible opportunities here to set boundaries for ourselves, stand up for what we need + ask for support. This is something that previous generations haven’t been able to do + now is our time for moms to be more empowered, strengthened + encouraged .

Parenting with Intention

As frustrating as social media can be, I think it’s a great source of information as it relates to what’s up and coming and conscious parenting is all over the mom posts that are trending at the start of 2023. Accounts like @DrBeckyAtGoodInside and @SimplyOnPurpose have taken off in recent years + I think this isn’t a trend that isn’t going away.

Why? Traditional parenting techniques don’t feel good. They are based on coercion + control and trying to assert ourselves over our kids from a place of power rather than love never feels good. This new age of parenting with intention is a mom trend that I think makes all the difference. Focusing on raising children that are emotionally intelligent, resilient + gritty will not only help prepare our kids for the real world but also lay a solid foundation for secure attachment between parent and child. That is a win-win for any parent so settle in, this trend is here to stay.

Redistributing the Mental Load

Ever since Eve Rodsky’s book, Fair Play, debuted in 2019, I’ve noticed a stirring and growing awareness around the invisible, mental load of women (moms, especially). It’s this concept that not only is there visible, outward effort that is observable by others but there is also a significant amount of burden that women shoulder when it comes to mentally keeping up with the multi-faceted demands of life as a mom.

Throw in a global pandemic that expected working moms to also become full-time stay-at-home moms and teachers and so much of what Rodsky discussed in Fair Play began to make more sense than ever because trying to do it all without a break or a rhythm to your day made it abundantly clear that our system is broken.

I think we are a long ways off from equal distribution of efforts in the home but the fervor for this topic is only increasing. Be sure to keep your eyes open for larger discussions around unpaid labor, mental load or the invisible work of women. You haven’t been imagining it, this is real and I’m hopeful that change is on the horizon.

Leaning Into Intuition

Maybe I should hold out for later in 2023 for this mom trend to take off but I feel it coming. For so long, parents have been turning to others for validation or affirmation that their choices are the best ones possible. When really, everything you need to know about whether you’ve made the best possible choices is to turn inward. And I’m seeing this encouragement to lean into your intuition more and more in the parenting space.

And I love this direction, but it’s more important than ever to make sure we are in alignment so that our intuition is solid. There’s an important distinction to making a decision on a whim and making a decision with your intuition. Making more time for reflection, meditation and personal growth are absolutely key to making sure that we are really in sync with our inner voice + knowing.

More Me Time

Much along the lines of the growing frustration with bearing the bulk of the domestic burden, women are also realizing the significant cost of foregoing self-care and me time is having on their everyday lives and sense of overall well being. When moms are burned out, they can’t be at their best for their family. And that’s hard to grapple with.

I predict more and more moms are going to prioritize time for themselves—and ditch the guilt that has historically come with it. Feeling bad about doing what it takes to be the best possible parent and partner in your family is out. Feeling good about showing up for your family as your most energized, inspired + confident self? In.

Just like any trend, some may be right for you + others may not. It’s up to you to decide not only what feels right for you but that the timing is right, too. Everyone is at different points in their journey. While I think it helps to have a pulse on everything happening in the parenting world, it doesn’t mean you have to jump on board with it. So tell me, which mom trend is sticking out to you the most that you want to pay more attention to in 2023? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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Mom life is complex,
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