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The Easiest Fall Sensory Bin

Fall sensory bin idea with small bowls, pumpkin pasta, pinto beans + nin peg dolls

The Fall Sensory Bin I Keep Using

If you’ve been looking for a simple invitation to play that doesn’t take a lot of materials + planning, this fall sensory bin is the idea you’ve been waiting for. I love this one because I often have old pasta or beans on hand to throw this invitation together in a pinch + it’ll be used for several days (if not weeks) at a time.

If you’re interested in how to set this up in under 5 minutes, keep reading to find out which materials I recommend you use. I’m also sharing what makes this sensory bin such a great option for quality play + the other posts you’ll want to check out if you want to learn more about how to incorporate open-ended play into your home.

Supplies for Your Fall Sensory Bin

One of the beautiful things about sensory play is that everyday objects are usually the main attraction. So I always recommend looking around your home for inspiration before you go out an buy supplies for the sensory bin.

Choose sensory bin materials that are safe

Of course, make sure that what you pick is safe for your child to be handling, that you teach them how to use materials carefully + to ensure that you are supervising them while interacting with the supplies. I also like to make sure that the materials I select are organic or natural so that they aren’t causing unnecessary harm to my kids’ health + wellbeing but this is a personal preference—do what works for you!

Here are some ideas that you can incorporate:

Your one-stop-shop

I’ve rounded up materials for your own fall sensory bin to make stocking up as easy as possible. Just click the images below to add to your cart! Remember, the beauty of sensory bins is using up old supplies from your home, so don’t forget to start there.

Ways to Use This Fall Sensory Bin

The reason I love this bin so much is that it has so many fun uses because it is open-ended. When you set out these supplies, you’ll find that your child has their own ideas for how to use the supplies you’ve incorporated into the bin. But in case you’re wondering if it’s worth it, check out the Reel below to see this invitation in action in our own home + then I’ll break down some of these ideas:


It is so fun to have a mix of materials to create patterns. You could play around with repeating patterns (such as pumpkin, bean, pumpkin, bean) or growing patterns (pumpkin, bean, pumpkin, pumpkin, bean, bean, etc.).

It’s also great for older kids to create mandalas. These are repeating, mirrored patterns that make a bigger picture. Be sure to watch the reel above to see an example of the mandala we made with our fall sensory bin materials.

Role Play

My daughter especially loves using this fall sensory bin to set up a kitchen that cooks up soup. Sometimes she likes to make it for me, other times she serves it to her dolls.

This invites so much great language development + encourages communication through play. Don’t miss out on this opportunity with a sensory bin!


Another way my daughter enjoys using this set up is to sort the materials by type or size. Our children love finding similarities + differences. It helps them feel organized in their environment. This type of play is so good for our little ones!

Fine-Motor Skills

Having your child use their fingers is crucial to their development. Picking up the smaller pieces with fingers or tweezers is a great way to strengthen grasp which is a key pre-writing skill + helps with holding on to things like spoons + toothbrushes!

Going Beyond the Fall Sensory Bin

If you’re interested in learning more about how to incorporate open-ended play into your home, I have a few other posts you’ve got to check out. First, if this type of play is a concept that’s new to you + you want to learn more, this post about why you need to get started with open-ended play is perfect for you. I also shared a bit about how bringing open-ended toys into our home completely changed the way we play.

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Mom life is complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated.