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Summer Break Schedules That Work

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If you’re anything like me, the words ‘summer break’ might fill you with a mix of anticipation and dread. Sure, there’s the joy of watching our kids run free, explore + simply delight in being kids. But then there’s the mayhem + complete loss of any sense of time or productivity. This episode is dedicated to taming the chaos. Let’s unpack the elusive ‘summer break schedule’ together.

And look, you’re not going to find a rigid routine being recommended in this episode. Instead, we’re exploring a balance—a loose structure that can usher peace into our homes without sucking the spontaneity out of the season. Imagine a morning without the mad rush. Picture an evening that doesn’t spiral into a wild, unmanageable mess. And yes, that dream of quiet afternoons without the constant drone of “I’m bored!”? It’s possible, I promise.

We’ll talk about what you can do to make those summer days fun, cohesive + enjoyable for the whole family. I’ll teach you how to identifying your family’s priorities. We’ll explore how to balance time spent on necessary tasks + sun-filled play as well.

And of course, amidst all this, we won’t forget about you, mama. You’re not a machine—you need a breather too. We’ll delve into tactics to carve out those precious moments of serenity within the summer whirlwind. After all, a chilled-out parent makes a happier home, right?

So come on over, let’s journey together into designing a summer break schedule that works for us—not against us. It’s not about rigid routines or striving for unattainable perfection. It’s about harmony and balance. And it’s about embracing summer—not just surviving it—with a sense of peace and joy. By the time we’re done, you’ll be geared up to face the upcoming summer days in a way that nurtures both you and your kids. It’s time to turn the tide on summer chaos. Are you with me?

In This Episode:

  1. You’ll learn to craft a flexible summer schedule that balances your needs and your children’s, for a stress-free, enjoyable summer.
  2. You’ll walk away with communication strategies to convey your expectations, ensuring a smooth, harmonious summer experience.
  3. You’ll come to terms with the necessity of self-care + how incorporating “me-time” can recharge you, leading to increased presence and patience with your children.
  4. You’ll gain valuable insights on how to align your daily activities with what truly matters to you and your family for a fulfilling summer.
  5. You’ll explore ways to utilize your support system effectively, promoting a balanced and less overwhelming mom life during the summer season.
Picture of woman's feet at the edge of a pool with text overlay that says 'Episode 9 Summer Break Schedule That Works' and details that read, "Are you feeling overwhelmed by the summer season? Let's simplify things with strategies to help you create a balanced + enjoyable summer for your entire family. 

Tune in for a practical disccusion around setting realistic expectations, crafting a family rhythm that works for everyone + protecting your priorities." Listen now!

Highlights From This Episode:

  • (0:00:00) – Summer Break Schedule Balance
    Setting realistic expectations, creating family rhythm, communicating availability, self-care, and communication for a balanced summer.
  • (0:05:18) – Creating a Summer Routine With Kids
    Get more done in less time, create a family bucket list, structure day around non-negotiable pockets of time, incorporate meaningful connection, make screen time part of routine.
  • (0:17:00) – Summer Survival Guide for Moms
    Ditch the mom guilt and prioritize self-care to make the best decisions this summer.

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Mom life is complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated.