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Gifts for Kids 2020

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My Kids’ 2020 Wishists

So the votes are in + everyone wanted to see some of what I’m getting the kiddos this year. I personally believe in the value of investing in high-quality toys that will LAST + inspire my kids to learn or engage in creative play. These are the big-ticket items I’m getting for my kids rather than spending money on inexpensive toys that go to Goodwill 6 months later. Trust me, it’s WORTH IT. Here are gifts for kids that are sure to be a hit!

For the 6-Year-Old

Photo Credit: Loog

Loog Acoustic Pro

I have been eyeing this for some time. I love not only how it looks but how they incorporate education! This is so important to me. It’s a child-friendly guitar + there are videos to help them learn to tune + use the guitar. There’s also an option for lessons! Make sure you pick the correct size for your child, the smaller ones have 3 strings while the largest have 5.

You can shop all of the choices here!

Photo Credit: SumBlox


You’ve probably seen these all over IG in the past year as the best gifts for kids + they appeal to my teacher heart in a big way. These blocks are in the shape of digits 1-9 + are proportionately larger as they progress. The kids can stack the blocks to find equal values, play games, work on math…love this so much. Not to mention they’re beautiful!

You can shop them here!

Photo Credit: Kapla

Kapla Planks

My niece has a set of these + it’s always funny to watch the grownups using these. You buy these once + they will last FOREVER. This is great for older kids looking to expand their open ended play in a way that takes a steady hand, spatial reasoning + design thinking!

You can grab a set of 1,000 like we have or a chest of 280! There’s also this awesome set of colored planks. Snag them while you can–these always sell out fast!

Photo Credit: Osmo


As a teacher, I LOVE having an educational app that includes physical manipulatives + is actually teaching my kids important skills in a fun way. We have a range of these games + I just ordered the Math Wizard Secrets of the Dragon and Math Wizard Workshop games!

If you don’t already have the base set, you’ll need to start with that. The quality of these are great. We have had our Osmo for a few years + everything still looks like new! (You can also snag this Grab + Go Case to protect the gear while traveling which is super nice.)

You’ll need different start kits based on age, interest + tablet! Here’s a list of links to get you started, though!


+ Little Genius Starter Kit for 3-5 year olds

+ Genius Starter Kit for 5-12 year olds

+ Coding Starter Kit for 5-10 year olds

Fire Tablet

+ Little Genius Starter Kit for 3-5 year olds

+ Genius Starter Kit for 5-12 year olds

+ Coding Starter Kit for 5-10 year olds

For the 4-Year-Old

Photo Credit: Ocamora

Stacking Stars

Stella loves to build + since her name means ‘star’ this seemed PERFECT. So excited to add these to her collection. These make great Christmas gifts for kids, I look forward to putting these in Stella’s stocking for sure.

These colorful stars from Oak + Ever are pretty but are also in a natural color at Why + Whale.

Check out all of the options here.

WayToPlay Roads

We actually got a set of these last Christmas + love them so much, we are expanding. This time we got the Grand Prix set. These are so fun to use indoors, outdoors, in the tub, in the snow, in kinetic sand…anywhere!

We have the 24-Piece Highway and the 40-Piece Road Set–both are great options! Just be aware these sell out FAST!

Photo Credit: Candylab

Candylab Cars

These are actually going to both kids! These cars are colorful, wooden + roll beautifully. We got the cruiser with an Airstream camper to attach to the back. So cute! These are particularly fun because there are sure to be designs that match your child’s interests. For example, Stella is obsessed with hot dogs, so of course she’s getting the hot dog truck! They also have one for soft serve, tacos + donuts that are just to die for.

I love the larger format vehicles like the Canoe Wagon, Police Cruiser, + Longhorn Pickup!

Holztiger Animals

These are beautiful wooden animals that I cannot get enough of. They are handmade + will last forever! I feel like these are a kids gift that both Theo + Stella will play with, no questions asked.

Oak + Ever is my favorite small shop offer some support to our small shops! The selection there is fantastic!

Happy Architect

These interlocking building pieces make the cutest townscape or homes!

There are some plain styles in natural (my favorite) or chalkboard (super customizable), but they recently introduced some amazing scenes if your child likes something more themed. They have dinosaurs, a farm, castles, and emergency scenes that are worth checking out!

Olli Ella Luggy

This is a hot commodity this year, so buy early if you can find it. My daughter loves to tote things around in bags + an old doll stroller so this is a much-welcomed upgrade for her!

I love the natural in the original size. If your child is older than 6, I’d get the big luggy (and you could use it, too)! Maisonette has them in stock, but they’re selling fast…

Gifts for Kids

These kids gifts are just ideas to get you started. Again, these gifts for kids are a pretty significant investment. If you can invest in one, open-ended play toy this season, do it! You won’t regret it because it will slowly foster + nurture such an invaluable way to play.

Don’t Miss the Moms’ Gift Guide!

I put together my favorite things that you may want for your own wishlist here. Be sure to check it out!

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