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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2022

By the time kids are in elementary school, it can be hard to know what to get them for the holidays. In our experience, less is more. Tapping into your child’s interests is helpful, too! Here is a round up of 10 ideas sure to keep kids ages 5-10 interested + engaged.

1 | Catan Junior

In high school, we spent hours playing Settlers of Catan every week. So to see Theo get into this game over the past year has been so nostalgic + fun. There’s some strategy without it being overly complicated. This junior version is a great board game that’s fun, makes you think a little + lets you have fun.

2 | Plus-Plus Learn to Build Race Cars

Both my kids enjoy Plus-Plus as a building toy but they’ve recently gotten into the building sets (similar to LEGO). This one with race cars looks great + I’m also thinking their puzzle-by-number sets could be cool, too—especially for the kids who aren’t ready for 3-D sets yet.

3 | Yoto Mini Player

It’s no secret that our family is Yoto-obsessed (it’s used daily in our house). I can’t get enough of these personal audiobook/podcast/music players. This newer travel version is small + doesn’t require wi-fi. You can grab the original here (a better speaker?) + check out some of our favorite cards here!

4 | Sphero Mini Robot

If your child has any STEM or ‘Discovery Lab’ at their school, they probably have played with Sphero. This robot pairs with your smart tablet/phone where you can program behaviors + train your robot to complete obstacle courses. Very fun + a great challenge!

5 | Climbing Dome with Canopy

I distinctly remember our neighbors having this when I was growing up. They are so great for climbing, playing fort, hanging upside down, etc. The perfect alternative to a playset, especially as the kids get older! I personally love this canopy option which creates such a tent-like feel!

6 | Speed Cube

The Rubik’s cube is having a bit of a comeback + this is apparently the cube to have for any new learner. Want your child to learn the strategy behind the cube? Theo took a class with Outschool + had a blast. Feel free to click here to save $20 off your first class (Theo’s was $18!)

7 | Flannel Plaid Pajamas

I got these for the kids last year + they wear them all of the time. The look is so classic, the kids say they’re so cozy + they’re perfect for the holiday season. Honestly, Stella loves the nightgowns from J. Crew (don’t tell anyone, just she’s traded her Hanna’s for these)!

8 | Snowman Kit

For the kids that love building a snowman + always want accessories, this is the kit to have. I can’t tell you how often my kids wanted carrots or olives to decorate their snowmen + I just didn’t have supplies on hand. This snowman kit is definitely going under the tree at our house this year.

9 | Figgy Play Couch

We have a similar play couch + the kids love lounging on it while they read or watch a movie. This is also great for the kids who love tumbling or fort-making. You really can’t go wrong with a big, over-sized, washable play couch in your kids’ playspace!

10 | Scooters

By now you might’ve realized I think Banwood makes the cutest + highest-quality toys on wheels. I love that this scooter folds down + you can even get a basket attachment. That said, it’s probably best suited for ages 5-6. While not collapsible, we have the Micro Maxi Scooters that have been great. And for the older kids, you can’t beat the classic, 2-wheeled Razor Scooter. If you really want a heavy-duty ride, check out the Mongoose!

If you want ideas for open-ended toys, be sure to check out last year’s gift guide! And of course, if you’re shopping for a preschooler or todder, don’t miss this year’s guide for them.

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Mom life is complex,
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