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2021 Moms Holiday Gift Guide (with Ready to Ship Ideas!)

Collection of gift ideas for busy moms in 2021
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Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

How do you feel every year when your mother-in-law asks what you want for Christmas? Truth be told, I audibly groan. The last person I’m thinking about for the holidays is myself, which is what inspired this gift guide. Let me help you take the guesswork out of making your wish list this year + pick from this guide of products I personally love! That way, you can get a gift you love without having to use your bandwidth or suffering decision fatigue. So here’s to enjoying this year’s busy mom holiday gift guide!

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Lettuce Grow Farmstand is the perfect gift for busy moms who want to garden

This is the gift that truly keeps on giving.  If you’ve been around for any time with me, you know I am nothing short of obsessed with our Lettuce Grow Farmstand.  This is a vertical planter that literally takes 5 minutes of our time to maintain each week and brings so much good to our home.  The kids will get so interested in growing food in your home + love incorporating the produce into your meals.  You will appreciate knowing you have fresh produce that’s more nutritious than anything I’m getting at the grocery store.  Plus, when you purchase a Farmstand, Lettuce Grow donates 10 more to schools in need—it’s truly an incredible program. 

So if you like the idea of growing your own food at home but don’t have a lot of time or experience to commit to a full garden, you’ve got to put this on your wishlist.  You can get the tower + seedlings all at once to have your Farmstand up + running in no time at all.  And if you like the idea of growing indoors like we do, make sure to add the glow rings too!  

Use the code GREENFRIDAY through 11/28 to save 20%!

theJuggl Membership

Gift Ideas for busy moms 2021 idea to give a membership to theJuggl.

If you love learning from other women + want access to a carefully curated library of insights to help inspire + support you in your personal or professional growth, then theJuggl is for you! 

I have had the privilege of serving as an expert on the inside of theJuggl since it launched earlier this year + it has been incredible to be connected with so many inspiring women who share their wealth of knowledge in such practical + approachable ways.  I love the short, actionable videos created by experts but the live events + discount on personal services provided by experts are also great perks to the membership. 

You can check out theJuggl here + use the code HAPPYJUGGL to save 40% on your membership!

The Our Place Always Pan

The Always Pan from Our Place is perfect for busy moms making grilled cheese sandwiches at lunchtime
This pan is Theo-approved because it’s true…this pan makes the perfect grilled cheese.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, as someone who loves to cook, I had sworn off non-stick pans years ago.  There might be a part of me that’s purist about not needing the nonstick qualities but there is also a general frustration with the safety + durability of them as well.  That is, until I found the Always Pan

Honestly, it’s the one pan I brought with us to the apartment.  It’s so versatile + I love the thoughtful touches from the great colors, to the built in spatula rest + included steamer basket.  Of course there’s something to be said about the importance of  using the right level of heat + washing this pan by hand, but if you can commit to these two things, I think you’re going to be really happy. 

The Our Place Alway Pan is a great gift for moms because this is a nonstick, non-toxic pan that makes clean up after dinner a breeze

The Always Pan is on sale for $99.  You might also be interested in the oven-safe Perfect Pot (which was my personal Black Friday splurge) for $125 or even the Home Cook Duo where you get both for $210.  Trust me, believe the hype + get this on your wishlist before it goes out of stock! 

Brinker + Eliza Against All Odds Necklace

Against All Odds Necklace from Brinker + Eliza is the perfect gift for busy moms to dress up any outfit

Is it silly to say this necklace may be my favorite thing ever?  It gets so many compliments, can be worn two ways + can be worn with virtually any outfit.  I don’t usually go for chunky jewelry but this piece changed my mind.  And if you don’t believe me, there are about 5 of my friends that have also gotten this necklace + love it equally as much.  It’s the simple upgrade to make any busy mom feel more put together in a cinch.  A must have in my book! 

I’d grab this from ShopBop because their shipping is always quick + you can use Amazon checkout to make the process a breeze!

Jenni Kayne Moroccan Slippers

Ok, I know.  These slippers are spendy no doubt.  But I finally committed to them after trying far too many synthetic or wool slippers.  They were all too narrow or had zero breathability or just didn’t look nice.  So I committed to this pair of slippers last year + I am completely considering whether I should buy another pair in the unfortunate event that they’re ever discontinued. 

You’re getting excellent craftsmanship + quality with these slippers + it just shows.  They’re soft, look amazing + break in beautifully.  I also love that they’re super compact so if you ever travel with slippers, these are easy to bring along.  And most importantly to me, they keep my feet warm without overheating them.  I have these in Taupe but the Saddle color looks pretty amazing, too.

The entire Jenni Kayne site is currently 25% off–no code needed! So grab these slippers on sale while you can!

Dyson Coralle Cordless Flat Iron

Maybe 2021 is the year to splurge on yourself?  I’m not sure but I couldn’t leave this one off.  I’ve had the Dyson Corrale cordless flat iron for about two years now + can’t ever go back to a regular flat iron.  It could be the combination of post-party baby hairs (yes, finally growing back in 5 years later) + wiry grey hairs but a flat iron is a daily necessity for me at this point. 

And truth be told, because I use it so often, it’s important to me to have a tool that gets the job done without frying my hair + the built in temperature sensor that monitors the heat 100 times per second.  And best of all, it heats up in 30 seconds and is entirely cordless.  Yes, cordless.  There is something so effortless about getting my hair touched up with this tool each morning that makes it feel worth the investment.  Plus, I know when I’m buying Dyson, I’m buying the quality + longevity because they stand behind their products.  To me, that beats buying several cheaper irons any day of the week. 

The Corrale is currently in stock at Sephora (my favorite for reliable shipping) + also available directly from Dyson.

Nori Steam Iron

Truth be told, I haven’t tested the Nori out yet but it’s been ordered.  I’ve been eyeing this steam iron for M O N T H S and finally ordered it.  I’ll be really honest with you: I don’t iron.  I typically steam anything that is wrinkled but sometimes the steamer on its own simply doesn’t cut it, especially around collars, buttons + hems.  So when I saw the Nori combines steam with plates, I knew this had to be a winner. 

And while I really like to test these things out before I recommend them to you, I feel like the reviews from Vogue + Fast Company speak for themselves.  So while Ill keep you updated on my experience, go ahead and add it to your list right now because I’m pretty sure this one is a game changer.  Grab it for 30% off + free shipping

Madewell Transport Bucket Bag

Okay, I’ve had this Transport Bucket Bag since 2019 and I’m fully confident in Madewell’s decision to continue making this bag.  It’s the perfect size for any mom on the go who has ditched the diaper bag.  It looks (and stays looking) great, can be worn on your shoulder or as a crossbody + has a zip top that keeps everything contained. Truly a must have if you ask me! 

Use the code OHJOY to save 30%!

Ember Self-Heating Mug

It’s true, I’ve included a repeat!  This mug was so popular last year + I still love it so much I just had to include it again!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see all of you snapping pictures using this mug because I know how much you’re savoring those cups of hot coffee.  In case you’ve never seen the Ember before, this mug has a heating element built in that will keep your hot drink at the precise temperature of your choosing.  It is incredible. 

You can order it here in a wide range of colors!

DIY Family Films

I had my eye on this  mama-created course for a long time.  And let me tell you, it is so well done.  If you wish you had better video footage to capture the small + big moments of your family’s life, this is the perfect thing to put on your wishlist.  With the this course, your can learn how to use your smart phone camera to create the most beautiful family videos in under an hour! 

So if you’re an experience-loving gift recipient, this could be the perfect fit for you.  I love that it’s on-demand and that you can keep coming back to it when you have the time.  You can grab the course for $67 right here!

Want More Gift Ideas for Your Mom Wishlist?

You can find last year’s Mom Holiday Gift Guide right here! Also stay tuned for the 2021 gift guide for kids. While you wait, you can check out what was on my kids’ wish list in 2020 right here! And tell me in the comments, what will you be adding to your wishlist this year??

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