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10 Tips For Busy Moms This Holiday Season

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At this point, let’s just all agree that the 2020 holiday season is likely to be as unpredictable as…well…the rest of 2020. The holidays are always hard for busy moms. But follow these 10 tips to make sure things don’t get too crazy + make this holiday season a great one for you + your family!

1. Stock Up on Wrapping Supplies

Go buy all of your wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, tissue paper, ribbon, + cards early. Every busy mom still goes to Target every week or so. The next time you’re there, stock up. There is nothing worse than needing to wrap a gift last-minute + not having what you need in order to get it done quickly.

2. Make a List of Your Top Easiest Meal Options

Yes, it’s true. Busy moms have to still feed their families, even during hectic times. So do yourself a favor + list out your top 10 easiest meals that you can make on the fly or freeze. Having these in your back pocket for nights that you’re exhausted will be so helpful. If you need ideas, check out my meal-planning strategy + our community-sourced cookbook here!

And if you haven’t tried meal kits yet, the holiday season would be a perfect time. Place your order now–you can schedule them weeks in advance! My favorite is Home Chef.

For the ultimate convenience, sit down + make a list of some go-to orders from your favorite restaurants in town. On the nights where you just don’t have the time or energy to cook, it’ll be so easy to pull out your list + place the order.

3. Schedule Your Self-Care on the Family Calendar

The holiday season is inevitably when you lose time for yourself in order to make time for everything else. Caring for yourself is incredibly important because it is how you can ensure that you feel your best.

Look at the calendar today + schedule any self-care you know you’ll need this season. Call the salon to schedule a no-chip manicure or haircut. Book your workout classes now. Lots of self-care can happen at home + without an appointment, but put it on to your calendar anyway. You’re more likely to stick to your plan when you put it in the calendar for your whole family to see.

4. Take Care of Teacher Gifts Now

This is something busy moms never have time for right before winter break. So take time in November to prepare thoughtful notes for your kids’ teachers + caregivers. Head to your local gift or coffee shop for something small yet meaningful. Talk with someone about your budget + they will come up with a great recommendation. They will often handle the gift wrapping as well!

5. Tackle One Holiday To-Do Daily

Make a master holiday list for yourself of everything you need to get done (+ save it to reuse next year). Then, start tackling one thing to do each day or on the weekends. It’s a lot less overwhelming when you can chip away at that long list little by little.

6. Draft an Email Gift List

I can’t tell you how many times I was at the store or scrolling online + found amazing gift ideas…only to forget about them hours later. I keep a running list of ideas as a draft in my email. It’s the easiest to access + I can even drop photos or links in there as well. Then when it’s time to shop, I have great ideas at my fingertips.

7. Book Some Help

Call people in your support system early on to find time on the calendar to have them help watch the kids. They’re often eager for extra time together around the holidays + you’ll get a few hours of uninterrupted time to focus on holiday projects.

8. Build Your Entertaining Emergency Kit

Every year there is sure to be at least one last-minute visitor + you’ll need something quick + easy to serve. Pick a recipe or two right now + stock your pantry/fridge with the ingredients or grab some frozen appetizers the next time you’re at the store.

9. Busy Moms Get Ready First

When the whole family has to get ready for a holiday event, get yourself ready first. You can start as early as you need to + won’t be left feeling less than your best. And everyone won’t be blaming you for getting out the door late.

10. Keep a Secret Stash

For those moments where the kids really need to give you a minute, have a secret stash of holiday-themed process-art, sensory play, playdough, or cookie-decorating kits or supplies on hand. Pull these out for the kids to enjoy while you get your priorities handled.

What’s Missing?

What makes the holidays a difficult time of year for you? Do you have any proven holiday hacks that every busy mom needs to know? Share them in the comments below!


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Mom life is complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated.