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2020 Mom Gift Guide: 10 Ideas For Your Own Wishlist

2020 Mom Gift Guide - Ideas moms will love - Momentum Family -  by Erin Christopoulos
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2020 Gift Guide for Moms

Everyone does a great job making gift guides for husbands, kids, your parents, etc. but does anyone ever struggle to find ideas for moms themselves??  More than anything, it drives me crazy when I’m asked to make a list + I have zero inspiration! So, if that’s you, you’ll love my mom gift guide for 2020. This is not a list for your moms, this is a list for YOU!

Everything on this list is something I thoroughly enjoy having + using.  They are quality things or services that not only make my life easier but more enjoyable + even healthier.  I also did some research to find current affiliate codes (I earn a teeny tiny commission)  or promo codes (short-term) for you to include on your list so your gift-giver can save a little too!

Holiday Gift Ember smart mug
Photo Credit: Ember

Ember Coffee Mug

You know how you get your hot cup of coffee or tea ready, only to have it cool off before you get to it?  Same problem here.  And I have definitely guzzled cold or microwaved coffee out of desperation or sheer determination to finish that mug. 

All of that changed for me, though, when I got my Ember.  This mug is a self-heating smart mug that keeps your drinks hot at customized temperatures. It is GENIUS + I am so excited to include it in this gift guide! 

Funny story, I originally bought this mug for my mother-in-law but she gave it back to me because it was too small for her.  Of course, I could’ve returned it, but I knew I wanted one, so I kept it.  My original mug is on the smaller side (holds about 8 oz.), but the great news is that the Second Generation mugs that came out earlier in 2020 are available in 10 oz. + 14 oz. sizes.  They’ve also added travel mugs to their lineup.

I know you’re probably wondering about the charging.  My mug is a First Generation one that I’ve had for about 4 years now + have never had an issue with the mug’s battery running out before I finished my drink (and trust me, that’s been a couple of hours sometimes).  BUT, the Second Gen mugs also feature a 50%-longer battery life. So this is especially good for moms who drink several cups a day, this is sure to be enough to meet your needs.

Holiday Gift
Photo Credit: Food52

Food52 Shop

Okay, I know you can’t buy everything in this shop but I also couldn’t pick just one thing I love from Food52, so I’m just throwing it out there that you NEED to check out this shop. 

Proof: Jason really doesn’t take much interest in the kitchen or home goods I buy but I’m telling you, he has repeatedly commented on several of the Food52 products we have purchased.  We both love the simplicity, quality + durability of the products they sell. I love the things they have in their own line (all of which are community-driven) + also all of the products that they source from small businesses. 

Some of our very favorite things are the French Butter Keeper, Bodega Glasses + Leather Coasters.  And btw, because so many items come from artisans, you may find items go out of stock (this is often the case with the French butter keeper) quickly. 

If something you want isn’t currently available, get on the waitlist + ask for a gift card!  It takes some time for the small businesses to produce their products + restock them, but it’s worth the wait!
Holiday Gift Subscription Daily Harvest
Photo Credit: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Subscription

You know how delicious smoothies are when you get them at a juice bar but can never re-create them at home?  This is the only way I have been able to have delicious smoothies at home.  Plus, they’re healthier + cheaper than any smoothies you’d be getting at the juice bar. 

I have been ordering from Daily Harvest for several years now + while I prefer to order their smoothies, they have tons of other items like bowls, soups + ice cream to pick from.  When I’m making my selections, I love to add Mint Caco or Carrot Cinnamon, both are so tasty, especially during the cooler months. These are seriously great for moms who want quick, healthy options on the go.

So be sure to ask for a gift card or gift box!
2020 Momentum Family - Warby Parker Percey by Erin Christopoulos

Blue Light Glasses

I spend more time in front of a screen than I’d like. So I was willing to spend a little extra on these Warby Parker blue light glasses.

These blue light glasses are so well made, beautiful + have less glare than others I’ve tried. I have the Percey frames in Chestnut Crystal in the gift guide but you can choose any frame that’s right for you! So this gift really is perfect for moms who are on devices often + want to stay healthy at the same time.

Here’s what’s the most fun…they have an app where you can virtually try on any of their frames. It’s so awesome. Also, you always have the try-before-you-buy option where they ship you the frames to try on before committing to buy them.

Check out all of Warby Parker’s designs!
Larkin Living Spaces room design

Home-Design Package

I have a few spots in the house that I was really struggling to decorate + source furniture. With all of the time we spent at home in 2020, I really wanted to tackle those areas that needed attention. But as a mom, the last thing I have time for is appointments at a design studio. So, I enlisted the help of an interior designer online! It was the best experience. Seriously.

The only thing I wish I had been able to do was to find someone who owned their own business because dealing with a big company was a little crazy when it came to getting a response or requesting modifications.

So since I’m wiser now, let me introduce you to Larkin Living Spaces. Tierney Larkin is the owner + designer of this amazing business. Some of my favorite aspects about her services are the 3-D renderings she creates to really help you visualize the concept + she does not upcharge for sourcing items (many designers charge fees for this service).
Larkin Living Spaces  packages
Photo Credit: Larkin Living Spaces

Tierney is a mama who understands the need for a practical, everyday home that you’re also excited to live in. Her designs are budget-conscious + beautiful. The best part? Tierney is one of the most approachable people I’ve gotten to know in this online space!

If you’ve been looking to refresh a space in your home, consider a gift card or design package with Larkin Living Spaces, I have no doubt you will enjoy the ideas, renderings + support Tierney will provide to you!

Click here to check out Larkin Living Spaces. All packages are 20% through Black Friday + 15% off through Cyber Monday!

Holiday Gift Subscription Audible
Photo Credit: Audible

Audible Subscription

Even though I’m a teacher, I don’t particularly like reading. I never have. And now that I have kids it is the last thing on my list. At the same time, I started to realize that there was a lot of rich content + ideas that I was missing out on once I stopped reading as often as I had been.

So I gave audiobooks a try from Audible + it is my favorite thing to do now when I’m doing chores around the house. Some of the books I’ve listened to + loved were Becoming, Untamed + Educated. Most of the books I enjoy are memoirs + I love that the authors are usually the ones narrating, telling their own story.

If you’d like gift subscriptions, click here. If you just want to try it for yourself, I have a free 30-day trial for you! (Personally, I would do the trial + then apply an Amazon or Audible Gift subscription after that)
Holiday Gift Subscription Causebox

Causebox Subscription

If specific gift ideas aren’t your thing + you’d prefer an element of surprise, Causebox could be an outstanding option.

I don’t know what prompted me to try Causebox because I’m not typically a subscription-box kind of person but this one has delivered. Each box I have received in 2020 has had unique, quality items that add something special to my everyday life.

The items that come in the boxes aren’t usually things I would buy for myself, but enjoy once I have them. There is even a premium option where you can select which colors or styles you like for your items if you prefer that kind of customization!

UPDATE: This subscription is now called AllTrue you can find it here!
2020 Mom Gift Guide - Ideas moms will love - Momentum Family - Golden Coil

Golden Coil Planner

I got my first Golden Coil when they were on Kickstarter. I added Golden Coil to the gift guide because this brand is amazing because it’s a fully customizable planner to fit your personality + needs. You choose everything from the cover to the pages.

There are even options for you to sync your digital calendars + contacts if that’s your thing. There are monthly, weekly + daily page layouts to choose from. There are fun little options like meal planning, habit tracking + to-do lists as well. If you’re a content creator, they have options for you, too!

AND these are of amazing quality. They’re sturdy, durable + I have never had one get ruined. Definitely check out this small, women-owned business, I have know doubt you’ll love everything they have to offer!

Click here to check out Golden Coil + get 15% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY
2020 Mom Gift Guide - Ideas moms will love - Momentum Family - Gathre Home Mat
Photo Credit: Gathre

Gathre Home Mat

I have been obsessed with Gathre since they were the Let’s Play mat + Theo was a baby. Our collection has grown over the years + one of my favorites is the new, 2020 home mat.

I have the original, when it was sold as a yoga mat. I’ll tell you what, it makes my yoga sessions feel so much more unique + luxe. There is something about the look + feel of these mats that are unparalleled when it comes to yoga mats. I really believe this product was designed for moms because the colors + prints are so elegant + to die for.

When you’re not using this, you can leave it out as a mat or ‘rug’ too–how great is that? If you plan to use it for yoga, go with the large size!

Check out Gathre!
2020 Mom Gift Guide - Ideas moms will love - Momentum Family - Madewell

Madewell’s MDW Line

I can’t. stop. wearing. these athleisure suits. Is it because it’s 2020, the year of the quarantine? Maybe. Either way, this is one of my favorite gifts I’ve given to myself. I don’t know where they found this cozy, blanket-like material that fits so perfectly, but I don’t care. This is the best + perfect for moms who love being comfortable + want to look good at the same time. You can’t go wrong with anything from this line! I like these Easygoing pants + sweatshirt myself!

Madewell often offers promotions + you can also get 20% off any MDW top + bottom combo that you purchase! Be sure to check for promo codes, there usually is one to use!

Let’s Get Real About Wishlists…

Now that I’ve helped you with your lists…The real question is what should I be putting on my 2020 wishlist??? Drop your best ideas in the comments! Who knows, maybe your suggestions will end up in my next gift guide…

Need Some Gift Ideas for Your Kids?

Some of these posts have great resources that my kids love + would make for great gifts or stocking stuffers in 2020!

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