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How to Pick a Stylish Mom Outfit In Under 5 Minutes

A simple mom outfit wardrobe makes it easy to get dressed quickly

It’s Hard to Find Time for Fashion as a Mom

A recent poll found that 50% of moms feel as if they no longer have time for fashion. While mom jeans may be the it denim for 2022. So most millennial moms aren’t feeling at the peak of their stylish outfit game.

Truth be told, I don’t know that having stylish mom outfits matters that much. But I am here to help you feel more put together in under five minutes a day because I do know that it can have an incredibly positive impact on your sense of wellbeing and confidence (more on that in a minute).

Skipping Your Daily Outfit Is Having a Negative Impact On Your Life as a Mom

There. I said it. But hear me out because in the spring of 2020, I was home every day and very casual. I thought I’d never go back to wearing ‘real clothes’.

But as time went on, I realized, it had an impact on how I felt about myself. There is something about the way you carry and hold yourself in public that’s tied to your outfit.

A good mom outfit isn’t about being ‘stylish

Look, at the end of the day, It isn’t so much about having a ‘trendy’ outfit that matters. It’s that every mom deserves to feel her best. And when you do that, you’ll find that you show up for mom life as your best self.

And don’t just take it from me. Because in 2012, researchers at Northwestern University determined that clothes have a symbolic meaning. When we wear an article of clothing with a specific meaning, these clothes can influence our psychological state.

What you wear does affect how you feel + show up for mom life. Maybe consider the outfits you’ve worn the past few days. How has that potentially affected your mood, productivity or energy levels?

I want to take this even a step further. Beyond having an outfit that you feel good in + consider the process that’s getting you to that point. Because research has shown that ‘me-time’ acts as a mental reset button. Taking time for yourself to get ready can not only improve your concentration but also increase your productivity.

So whether you want to boost your confidence, check more to do’s off your list or just plain old feel good about how you look, I’m taking time today to share my simple 3-step approach to picking out a stylish mom outfit in under 5 minutes.

Make Sure to Clean Out Your Closet

Set yourself up for success by cleaning out your closet. If you fill your closet with clothes that are worn, don’t feel good or are outdated, it’s hard to see the clothes that you still love or want to wear.

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to take long.

Give yourself some time on a weekend or evening to really go through your closet. Be honest about what should stay + what should go. My favorite way to do this quickly is to set a timer for 30-40 minutes. Commit to getting the job done within that timeframe.

Now sometimes there are clothes that you still love but aren’t ready to part with yet. If that’s the case, move or store them to another space in your home. The key to getting ready in under 5 minutes is to set yourself up for efficiency, which you will never have with visual clutter in your closet.

Why do we feel guilt or shame?

As you are going through this process, you might have feelings of doubt or guilt. That it feels wasteful or selfish to be getting rid of pieces you paid for. If it helps, remember that not all clothing was made to last. And your body has changed a lot too in the process of pregnancy. It’s okay to appreciate the place these pieces had in your life. It’s also okay tolet them go when the time comes.

One of my favorite ways to minimize guilt when shopping for myself is to be conscientious of the pieces I buy. I make sure they’re not only versatile but also high-quality so that they last. That way, whenI need to donate or recycle a garment, I know it has been worth the investment + used well.

The best way to organize + stock your closet

If you want more insight on what this process of cleaning out your closet + purchasing new pieces that go with what you already have, definitely grab my Guide to Shopping for Clothes. It costs you absolutely nothing, so be sure to sign up for instant access here.

I think you’ll find that you feel a lot less guilty about getting rid of old pieces + buying new ones, which I know can be really challenging for many of us as moms.

It’s Time to Stop Putting Yourself Last

Now that your closet is reorganized, you’re ready to pick out a stylish outfit that you love in under 5 minutes.

Making your mornings easier starts with this

The first think I want you to focus on is being proactive. I talk about this all of the time as one of the most important skills we can have as a mom. Staying one step ahead really helps to cut out all of the rushing, blunders + frustration. And when it comes to getting ready quickly, being proactive is no exception.

So I want you to give this a try: Instead of getting yourself ready after the rest of the family. Try getting yourself ready before you help all of them.

Picking your mom outfit requires time.

The good news is that we’re only talking about 5- 10 minutes here that really transform your whole experience in the mornings.

Not only does it prevent you ever landing in a situation where you don’t have time to get ready (which only stresses you out more), it also ensures that you’re starting your day off with that much-needed ‘me time’ that sets you up for success when it comes to having the clarity, patience + readiness to take on everything mom life has to throw at you that day.

Give yourself those few, precious minutes in the morning

So consider getting up 15 minutes before the rest of the family begins to stir so that you can soak up those few moments of solitude that are so important. And I know, getting out of bed earlier is no ones idea of ‘fun’ but I’ve found that when I’m getting up earlier to do something that makes me feel good, something that I look forward to, it becomes a whole lot easier.

How to pick your mom outfit each day

Now that you’re up and ready to take on the day with a closet full of clothes that you feel good about wearing, it’s time to pick out your outfit.

So I keep my closet full of neutrals + colors that look great with my skin (yep, lots of greens and blues here). As you work on filling in gaps after your clean out, I definitely recommend trying to do the same. Having a common palette in your closet makes it really easy to pair pieces.

Build your mom outfit from top-to-bottom

I find that the clothes closest to my face are the ones that matter the most when building a great outfit.

This means we are going to get dressed from ‘top to bottom’.

So when I step into my closet in the morning, I’m usually starting with whatever top catches my attention that day. After trying it on to see how it feels, I grab a pair of pants that will complement it nicely.

The final piece of the puzzle is to accessorize with any outerwear + shoes. Again, I usually have a couple of versatile pieces that go with most casual outfits to keep this step very easy. And having a favorite necklace or pair of earrings that are equally timeless minimize the time I spend worrying about what will “go” with my outfit.

Let me help you with your ‘mom fashion’

If you’re looking for more inspiration for stylish, mom-friendly pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, be sure to follow me on Like To Know IT (LTK). I love this as an option because I get to do all the shopping + you get to save all the time. So be sure to go check out those recommendations.

You can also see my daily ‘mom uniform’ over on Instagram so you can have some inspiration to see how I reuse pieces in different, mom-friendly outfits day to day.

The Best Way to Pick a Cute Mom Outfit is to Just Start

So there ya have it. Now that you know my simple, 3-step process you’re ready to start picking out stylish outfits in under 5 minutes a day. Remember to start by cleaning out your closet, getting yourself ready first + then get ready head-to-toe by starting from the top and working your way down.

Set realistic expectations

I’ll be honest with you, this 5-minute routine isn’t going to be 5-minutes right off the bat. But if you follow these steps + commit to prioritizing the time for yourself, you’ll not only build your confidence in choosing your outfits but you will also start to see the benefits of feeling more put together everyday. Your whole family will feel the difference in the mornings + you’ll become more inspired to stay committed to the process.

Let me help you with the first steps

To help you take that first step, I want to help you set your closet up in a way that sets you up for success.

Download my FREE, Guide to Shopping for Clothes where I teach you how to clean out your closet + purchase pieces that work with your existing collection.

I promise, it makes putting together a stylish outfit so much easier. So get your access to my printable guide with checklists + even a mini training to get started today!

Download Your Free Guide to Shopping for Clothes

Keeping Things Going

If you’re looking for more insight on how to make an intentional effort to focus on yourself, it’s time we start to talk about self-care. I know. *Cringe* but before you click away, you need to check out this post on why self-care is not an option in your life. And if you’re already sold on making sure it happens but are looking for a little inspo to make it happen, take a peek into my own morning routine!

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