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Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

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The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids This Summer

Now that it’s warming up, it’s time to move play outdoors! While you don’t need much to keep kids entertained outdoors, it can be nice to have a variety of options available to be able to mix up playtime now + then. Today I’m sharing the best outdoor toys for kids. Be sure to comment below to share what you want to get for your kids!

Staple Outdoor Toy Fixtures

I get it, not everyone has a big backyard but some of these fixtures are a great fit for even small outdoor spaces or balconies, so don’t discredit them! These also are some bigger-ticket items, so start thinking about what could go on a summer or birthday wishlist, they would make great gifts.

Water Play Fixtures

Let’s be real, nothing beats a day splashing in the water in the backyard. You can’t go wrong with an inflatable pool, sprinkler or play station! Grab these quickly because summer is fast approaching + they’ll go quickly!

Sand + Water Table

Okay, this looks seriously fun + as someone who is really particular about sand outside (hello stray cats), I love that this water + sand table is off the ground + has a cover! Put this on a birthday wishlist or just splurge + I guarantee you’ll have hours of entertainment in your backyard or even on a balcony! Also, how perfect would these sand tools be to go with it? I love that they’re bamboo!

Mud Kitchen

I have distinct memories from my childhood making soups + potions with various combinations of rocks, mud + botanicals. And my kids absolutely love playing in a mud kitchen to do the very same. These pinewood mud kitchens from Grow Wild Designs are handmade + simply beautiful. If you get one, it is sure to be a beloved backyard staple!

Jungle Jumparoo

Okay, we admittedly don’t have a Jungle Jumparoo (yet), but I cannot wait to try one out because I’ve heard nothing but great things! This is so perfect for indoors + outdoors. I love that they don’t take up much space + offer more safety than a trampoline. They offer a full-size + a mini so you can pick which is right for your child’s size! If you get a Jumparoo, you have to tell me what you think of it!

Smaller Outdoor Toys for Kids

These options are fantastic for playing in the backyard, park or at a friend’s house! I’m including some of our most loved toys with an emphasis on quality because when it comes to outdoor toys durability is super important. That means some of these are more of an investment than their plastic counterparts, but buying thoughtfully-made, sustainable + high-quality products is something I value for our family + yours!


Stella’s PE teacher told us about the Foxtail + we absolutely love it! It has lots of options for a variety of games you can play + really gets the whole family moving. Just know that the ball is on the harder side, so if you’re worried that your child will struggle with throwing it safely, I recommend grabbing the Foxtail Softie! Once you teach them how to be safe with the Foxtail, everyone is sure to have a great time playing together!

Micro Scooter

Both kids have these scooters + I really appreciate that they’re well made. They have 3 wheels to make riding a little safer + I love that they’re extra sturdy. These don’t fold up, but I’ll take peace of mind over convenience any day! For elementary kids, the Micro Maxi is fantastic + preschoolers are the perfect size for the Micro Mini.

Balance Bike

I have fawned over these balance bikes for years! I think this is the summer Stella will get one. They come in a variety of colors, are thoughtfully made + perfect for teaching your child the skill of balancing the bike before adding pedaling. This means you get to bypass the training wheels altogether, which ultimately slow your child’s progress in learning to ride a 2-wheeler. Definitely check out a balance bike!

Outdoor Explorer’s Tools

My kids love getting into the dirt or exploring nature on our neighborhood walks + these are some of our absolute favorite things to have for hours. This Closer Look Flower + Bug Box is amazing for helping the kids get a better look at their treasures. And we have been loving our Flower Press so that the kids can preserve their botanicals for display, projects + more! (Also, if you aren’t already following Oak + Ever, this is one of my absolute favorite mommy-owned businesses, don’t miss out on following Julie on Instagram!)

Also, you may be interested in a set of children’s gardening tools. My kids absolutely love grabbing a shovel or spade to dig for worms + bugs. I don’t always love the dirt but it keeps them so busy + engaged forever! I absolutely love the beautiful handheld set + spade at Terrain, but your local gardening center is sure to have great options available, too!

Sidewalk Chalk 2.0

Were you a sidewalk chalk kid? We had a gravel driveway (any other rural kids here) but we had the cement apron that I spent a lot of time decorating each summer. One thing that’s a must in 2021 is super washable chalk. But additionally, there are so many fun ways to mix up your sidewalk art! I love these chalk mandala stencils. We also enjoy grinding up the chalk into a powder to create a paint–a wooden crab mallet + chisel are great for that!

The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids for Free

It’s true, you don’t have to buy special outdoor toys in order for your kids to have a great time. The truth is, some of the best outdoor toys for kids are the outdoor environment itself! There is plenty to be explored + played with using the natural elements + environment alone! Even still, one of my favorite playtime hacks is to take some of our more durable indoor toys + bring them outdoors. Trust me, taking familiar toys into a new environment is one of the best ways to breathe new life into old toys. My kids love taking magnetic tiles (they even work on garage doors), paper + paint, baby dolls for an outdoor bath time + play scarves for for making or dress-up.

Regardless what resources you have, I encourage you to get outdoors with your kids. There’s nothing better than fresh air, nature + engaging the senses by getting outside. I commit to daily time outdoors + I hope you will too this summer!

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Mom life is complex,
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